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Who can apply to Dev Degree?

Anyone who is accepted into a Bachelor of Computer Science Honours program offered by one of our partner universities can apply to Dev Degree. For example, if you are accepted into Carleton University’s Bachelor of Computer Science Honours program, then you are eligible to apply to Dev Degree.

What if I am already enrolled in a qualifying Computer Science program and am interested in transferring to Dev Degree?

You are always welcome to apply! However, the successful completion of this program requires four years of work experience with Shopify, regardless of how many university credits you already have. In the section of our application that asks if you are accepted into one of our partner universities' Computer Science programs, state that you are already already attending the university.

How do I apply to Dev Degree?

To apply to Dev Degree, you’ll need to be accepted into a Computer Science Honours program offered by one of our partner universities, such as the one at Carleton University. When you receive your offer of admission email from the university, it will include a link to apply to Dev Degree. During the application time period, you will also be able to apply from the Dev Degree website.

For an overview of our application and interview process, see Dev Degree: The Model.

What is the Dev Degree application process?

After you have been accepted into the Computer Science Honours program at one of our partner universities, and have received the link to apply to Dev Degree online, you can begin your application process. We’ll ask you to fill in your contact information and upload your resume. You will then be directed to another site where you’ll be asked to answer a few questions relating to your work experience, volunteer experience, and any computer programming courses or workshops you have already taken. While previous programming experience is an asset, it is not required! You will also be asked to answer some computational thinking questions, so that we can learn about the way you solve problems.

The best way to prepare for your application is to document any programming tasks or projects you’ve been working on. This can help you to identify and highlight your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Follow all of the directions carefully to ensure your application is considered.

For an overview of our application and interview process, see Dev Degree: The Model.

How does Dev Degree compare to a traditional co-op program?

Dev Degree greatly improves on the 60 year old traditional co-op model by having students work on teams in parallel with their academic studies, instead of concurrently. In addition, students are granted academic credits for their work on Shopify software development teams, which is very different from a traditional co-op program. Students graduate with an accredited Bachelor of Computer Science degree, 4500+ hours of work experience at Shopify, and 4000+ hours of academic experience, all within four years. They also receive free tuition, a competitive salary, paid vacation, and extensive mentorship from industry experts at Shopify.

What is the course schedule in Dev Degree?

You will have the same overall degree requirements as other students but at three courses per term. Courses will be taken in the fall, winter, and summer terms. Eight of your courses (the practicum courses) will involve practical work done at Shopify to meet defined outcomes. You will be expected to work 25 hours per week at Shopify.

Will entrance scholarships be affected?

No. If you earn a scholarship, it’s yours to keep. Your salary will be the same, and your tuition will still be paid in full by Shopify.

What happens if I stop working at Shopify?

If you are no longer working at Shopify, you will be able to continue your degree program with the university as long you meet the academic requirements. Shopify will no longer pay your tuition or salary, but you will not be asked to pay back any tuition already paid out. All credits you have received will remain on your transcript and will count towards your degree.

Do I need computer programming experience?

No. While computer programming experience is an asset, it is definitely not required! Dev Degree students have a wide range of skills, experiences, and talents. Share your true self and come together with a diverse group of learners in this innovative program!

Will I get time off work to attend classes?

Of course! Your classes and your work time at Shopify will add up to a similar workload as a full-time student working a part-time job.

Can I live in residence at university and use their facilities?

Yes. You can live in residence at our partner universities, participate in the meal plan, use the gym, library, and other facilities. You have the same rights to university services as any other other student.

Where is Shopify?

You can find Shopify office locations here:

Can international students be accepted?

Yes, as long as they are accepted into the Bachelor of Computer Science program at one of our partner universities. If the international student is accepted into Dev Degree, Shopify will pay the full international tuition fee.

What salary do Dev Degree students make at Shopify?

Dev Degree student salaries are competitive, and aligned with industry standards. In addition, Shopify pays the university tuition for all Dev Degree students.

Where can I send further questions?

You can email us:

What perks am I entitled to at the Shopify office?

Dev Degree students are entitled to the full use of the Shopify office perks and facilities. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages are provided Monday to Friday for all employees, including Dev Degree students. There are also many classes offered in Shopify offices, such as yoga, mindfulness, and exercise programs.

What is the Dev Degree student retention rate?

Our student retention rate is currently 93%. This is dramatically higher than the retention rate in a regular university Computer Science program. Degree completion rates for Computer Science programs at Ontario universities range from 60% to 70%, on average. This data is available on the website for each university, as they are required to publish it by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

I have not received my university acceptance. Can I still apply to Dev Degree?

Yes, you can apply for Dev Degree, as long as we receive your university acceptance confirmation by June 1st. In the section of the application that asks if you are accepted into one of our partner universities, state that you are awaiting your acceptance confirmation.

Who do I address my application cover letter to?

You can address it to the Dev Degree Team.

I live outside of Canada. Can I still apply to Dev Degree?

Yes, definitely! We accept applications from all over the world.

I live really far away from any Shopify office. Can my interview be done remotely?

Absolutely! If you are selected for an interview, it can be done via video conferencing.

Do I need to include references in my application?

No, you do not need to include references in your application.

I forgot to include something in my application. Can I re-submit?

Email us at to provide any information you forgot to include in your application.

Does Shopify cover my accommodation costs?

No. Shopify does not pay for your residence expenses nor living accommodations. However, we do pay you a competitive salary, which could cover some of these costs.