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Who can apply to Dev Degree?

Anyone who is applying to a computer science honours program offered by one of our partner universities, Carleton University and York University, can apply to Dev Degree. You do not need your university acceptance before applying to Dev Degree, but you will need it for admittance into the program. For Carleton University, check out their Bachelor of Computer Science Internship, which is integrated with Dev Degree. For York University, see their Industry Partnership Stream for their BSc Computer Science program, which is integrated with Dev Degree.

How do I apply to Dev Degree?

Applications for our 2019 cohort closed on February 18. Your next opportunity to apply to Dev Degree will be in 2020.

When applying, you'll fill in your contact information, upload your resume, tell us a bit about your life experiences, and answer a few problem-solving questions. For details about our application and interview process, see Dev Degree: The Model.

What are the academic requirements to get into Dev Degree?

Shopify doesn’t have any specific academic requirements for Dev Degree, but our offer is conditional on your acceptance into our partner universities’ programs. The academic requirements for these programs are defined by our partner universities, Carleton University and York University. You need to be accepted into the Honours BCS program at Carleton University or the Honours BSc in Computer Science program at York University in order to be admitted to Dev Degree. See the university websites for admissions requirements.

Do I need to apply to a specific computer science stream to be accepted into Dev Degree?

No, you don’t need to apply to a particular stream to be accepted into Dev Degree. For Carleton University, you can apply to any stream for the Honours BCS program. For York University, you can apply to any stream for the Honours BSc Computer Science program. Note that if you get accepted into Dev Degree, a new stream ("Industrial Applications Internship option" at Carleton University, and "Industry Partnership/Dev Degree option" at York University) will replace the stream you originally applied to.

Do I need computer programming experience to apply?

While computer programming experience is an asset, it is not required. If you demonstrate a growth mindset, resiliency, and excellent time management skills, you are definitely encouraged to apply!

I have not received my university acceptance. Can I still apply to Dev Degree?

Yes, you can apply for Dev Degree, as long as we receive your university acceptance confirmation by June 1st.

Can I still earn an entrance scholarship?

Yes. If you earn a scholarship, it’s yours to keep. You’ll still earn your full Dev Degree salary, and your tuition will be paid in full by Shopify.

How many applicants do you get each year?

Dev Degree gets hundreds of applications each year, but we do carefully screen each one and we definitely encourage you to apply!

What if I am already enrolled in a Computer Science program and want to transfer to Dev Degree?

If you are in your first year of an undergraduate Computer Science (or related) program at university, you are eligible to apply to Dev Degree. Note that if you are accepted into Dev Degree for your second year of university, you would still need to complete four years of work experience with Shopify. When applying to Dev Degree, mention in your application that you are currently in your first year of university.

If you are beyond your first year of an undergraduate Computer Science program at university, the Dev Degree program isn't a good fit for you. Instead, we encourage you to check out all the cool Shopify Internships that are available!

And if you have already completed a degree in a non-Computer Science field and are now looking to do a degree in Computer Science, you can definitely apply!

I live outside of Canada. Can I still apply to Dev Degree?

Yes, definitely! We accept applications from all over the world.

Who do I address my application cover letter to?

You can address it to the Dev Degree Team.

Do I need to include references in my application?

No, you do not need to include references in your application.

I forgot to include something in my application. Can I resubmit?

Send us a message at info@devdegree.ca to provide any information you forgot to include in your application.

I live really far away from any Shopify office. Can my interview be done remotely?

Absolutely! If you are selected for an interview, it can be done via video conferencing.

When does the interview process start and what's involved in it?

Interviews usually start in late March and include three parts: a “Life Story” interview with a Shopify recruiter, a program interview with members of the Dev Degree team, and a technical interview with software developers. For more details, see Dev Degree: The Model.

Do I need computer programming experience to apply?

While computer programming experience is an asset, it is not required. If you demonstrate a growth mindset, resiliency, and excellent time management skills, you are definitely encouraged to apply!

Life in Dev Degree
How will my experience in Dev Degree compare to a traditional coop program?

With Dev Degree, you’ll work on development teams at Shopify in parallel with your university studies, instead of alternating terms in the classroom and the workplace. You’ll be granted academic credits for your work at Shopify, so you’ll complete your honours degree in computer science in four years with 4500+ hours of work experience. Shopify pays your tuition, a competitive salary, and vacation, for a total financial support of more than $160,000.

What kinds of programming languages and technologies will I learn at Shopify?

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Kotlin, and Swift, to name a few! You’ll also learn about technology areas such as cloud, mobile, data, security, scalability, and operations. In addition, you will receive extensive mentorship from industry experts to further develop both your technical skills and personal growth.

What kinds of teams will I work on at Shopify?

Throughout your 4 years in Dev Degree, you’ll be placed on 4 different development teams. Each team you join will focus on different areas of computer science, such as data, security, mobile, cloud, front-end development (UI look and feel), and back-end development (infrastructure and services).

Will I work on customer impacting projects?

Absolutely! You’ll be on Shopify development teams, working on production code, solving complex problems, and delivering new features and fixes to customers.

What will my university course schedule be like in Dev Degree?

You’ll have the same core degree requirements as other computer science students, but you’ll take your courses three per term in the fall, winter, and summer. At the same time, you’ll be working 25 hours per week at Shopify. You’ll also get academic credits for the work you do at Shopify, allowing you to graduate in 4 years.

What will a typical day be like for me in Dev Degree?

In your first year of Dev Degree, your time is split between taking courses at Shopify and at university. At Shopify, you’ll take courses that are designed to prepare you for your placements on development teams. You’ll learn industry best practices and gain experience with the tools and technologies that we use to write large-scale software, while working closely with your fellow students, and having some fun in the process! All your core Computer Science courses, math courses, and electives are taken at the university, both in first year and throughout your time in the Dev Degree program.

In your second, third, and fourth years, your typical day is usually split between working on teams at Shopify and university lectures, tutorials, and labs. For example, you may come into the office to eat breakfast, work for 4 hours, eat lunch, and then commute to university for classes.

How many students are accepted into Dev Degree each year?

Usually 10 to 15 students per university.

Which Shopify offices will I be in?

You’ll work out of either the Ottawa or Toronto Shopify offices, depending on whether you are attending Carleton University or York University.

What happens if I stop working at Shopify?

If you are no longer working at Shopify, you will be able to continue your degree program with the university as long as you meet the academic requirements. Shopify will no longer pay your tuition or salary, but you will not be asked to pay back any tuition already paid out. All credits you have received will remain on your transcript and will count towards your degree.

Will Shopify cover my accommodation costs?

No. Shopify does not pay for your accommodations. However, we do pay your tuition and a competitive salary, which could help cover some of these costs.

Can I live in residence at university and use their facilities?

Absolutely! You can live in residence at our partner universities, participate in the meal plan, use the gym, library, and other facilities. You have the same rights to university services as any other student.

What salary will I make at Shopify?

Your salary will be competitive compared with industry standards. In addition, Shopify will pay your university tuition, and provide generous perks like free breakfast and lunch each workday.

What perks am I entitled to at the Shopify office?

You’ll be provided with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages from Monday to Friday. You can also take part in the many wellness classes offered in Shopify offices, such as yoga, mindfulness, and exercise programs.

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